Ever thought, 'I'd love to have LASIK but it's just too expensive'? When you consider the cost involved in a lifetime of glasses and contact lenses, not to mention the frequent visits to your eye doctor, LASIK often ends up being cheaper, and sometimes much less expensive, in the long run. To illustrate the point, a new tool has come along to provide some perspective. The LASIK Affordability Calculator allows each user to calculate how much they spend yearly to maintain their current situation versus having a laser vision correction procedure. For example, an average 35 year-old who gets laser vision correction could save $20,000 over his/her lifetime compared to the cost of continuing to wear glasses and contacts. 

Dr. Rubinfeld is honored to offer a discount to U.S. Military members, emergency responders (EMS/T, Firefighters, Police Officers, etc.), and teachers. Please inquire with our staff for more information if this applies to you. 

Curious as to how much you might save?