The Best Gift Ever

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Do you remember what gift you received for the holidays last year? If the memory is vague, don't feel bad. Whether it's Christmas, Hanukkah or your birthday, most people have a hard time recalling even the best presents they opened. This year why not consider a gift that your loved one will never forget - the gift of vision. 

At Re:Vision - Roy Rubinfeld, MD, we believe that your eyes are your most precious possession and what could be more memorable than possibly giving someone the freedom to get rid of their glasses and contacts? While laser vision correction might seem like a long process, in reality the procedure takes about as long as one of your favorite songs (which you can listen to while the procedures takes place, should you wish). 

On the other hand, if your loved ones already have perfect vision and you're the one stuck with glasses or contacts, we highly recommend emailing them a link to this blog. Sometimes the best presents are the ones you give yourself (or coax others into getting for you).

Call, text or email us to learn more about how to arrange this gift at our Rockville, Maryland or Fairfax, Virginia offices today!  (301) 908-8091 or 


You may remember that last year Dr. Rubinfeld launched The Hero in Focus Program, calling for nominations of local heroes deserving of a donated LASIK surgery. He received many deserving nominations, but Rob Scheer was selected as the winner. This is his story in the form of a short video produced by Flowstate Films

Coincidentally, on the same day that we released this short film about Rob's donated surgery, Upworthy, released this video about Rob, his background and his organization, Comfort Cases

Dr. Rubinfeld and his staff have been incredibly moved by Rob Scheer, his family and his organization, Comfort Cases. Because of this Dr. Rubinfeld has added Comfort Cases to the list of charities in his Giving Back program. The Giving Back program allows Dr. Rubinfeld's laser vision correction patients to select a charity after their procedure, and Re:Vision makes a donation to that charity in their honor. Not surprisingly, Comfort Cases has been the most popular charity selected since it was added. 

Guest Blog: An Eye Doctor Gets LASIK

Back in 1999, I was an eye doctor working for Dr. Rubinfeld. Everyday I was witnessing the miracle of LASIK on his patients I would examine for their follow-up visits. I was very nervous about having the procedure done on myself until I went on a camping trip and forgot to pack my glasses. For two days, I suffered burning, dry eyes around the campfire with my contacts. I was wearing single use disposable lenses at the time and I remember throwing them away as I got into the tent each night. I had such an uneasy feeling sleeping outdoors and not being able to see! On Monday morning back at work, I told Dr. Rubinfeld that I was ready to be his next patient!

A couple weeks and a few valium later (yes, I was a big chicken!), I sat up from the surgery and looked across the room to see without glasses for the first time since I was nine years old. As a single mother of two and business owner, I am always on the run. For 15 years, I have enjoyed wonderful distance vision and it has made my busy and active lifestyle much more enjoyable and convenient. I recommend the procedure to many of my patients and I can say first hand that Dr. Rubinfeld is an amazing surgeon!

Dawn D. Gammon, O.D., F.A.A.O.

Leading LASIK Surgeon Donates Surgery to Local Hero

Local hero, Rob Scheer and his family

Local hero, Rob Scheer and his family

Dr. Roy Rubinfeld will donate laser vision correction to former homeless teen who grew up to start his own charity for needy kids.


WASHINGTON, DC (Nov 29, 2016)—On November 30th, Dr. Roy Rubinfeld, a renowned laser vision correction surgeon from Washington, DC, will donate a laser vision correction procedure to Rob Scheer, a former foster child who now works to better the lives of children in the foster system. Dr. Rubinfeld, who was the first doctor in the Washington area to treat laser vision correction patients nearly thirty-years-ago, hoped to give back to the community by donating the procedure to a worthy recipient. Dr. Rubinfeld, who has a private practice in Rockville and Fairfax called Re:Vision – Roy Rubinfeld, MD, launched a program called “A Hero in Focus.” Several people in the community nominated a person whose life would be made easier without glasses or contacts and a panel of local eye doctors selected the winner. The procedure will be performed at Dr. Rubinfeld’s Rockville office.

“My father served in the military and I have always offered vision correction at reduced rates to those who serve our country and community,” says Dr. Rubinfeld. “However, I wanted to do something more and so we launched this program and Rob Scheer is exactly the kind of person we were hoping to find.”

The contest winner, Rob Scheer, grew up as a foster child and became homeless as a teenager. Looking for an escape, Rob eventually turned to the U.S. Navy to make a better life for himself. As an adult, Rob, along with his husband Reece, ended up adopting four children (each set of two were siblings who had been placed in foster care due to neglect). Soon after, in 2013, Rob started a nonprofit organization called Comfort Cases. The organization makes care packages with comforts many foster children lack – pajamas, toothbrushes, shampoo, books and writing materials. In just three years, Comfort Cases has served over 20,000 foster children. As a youth, Rob struggled to afford eye care and has made a bad habit of wearing his contact lenses for months at a time, causing great irritation and hampering his work. He has considered laser vision correction in the past but has always put others first instead. With his work and travel schedule, Rob is very much looking forward to gaining more visual freedom on November 30th.


Re:Vision – Roy Rubinfeld, MD, specializes in laser vision correction, and the treatment of keratoconus, a corneal disease. For over 25 years Dr. Roy Rubinfeld has been honored to be entrusted with the care of tens of thousands of patients.

Comfort Cases is a non-profit organization that provides backpacks with essential items like toiletries, pajamas, activities and other items for children in foster care. The charity went from providing 300 kits in 2013 to donating 7,000 kits to kids in D.C., Maryland and Virginia foster systems last year.

"Vanderpump Rules" Star Undergoes LASIK

Tom Sandoval

Tom Sandoval

Tom Sandoval, star of Bravo's reality show, "Vanderpump Rules" has ditched his glasses and contacts and opted for laser vision correction. According to an article that appeared on the website for the TV show "The Doctors" Sandoval said that he found putting in contacts "very annoying" and that he just wanted to be able to "get up and go." He also said he did not feel any pain during the procedure and is "very happy" he went ahead with it.

Many people underestimate how freeing it truly is to stop worrying about your contacts and glasses. Congratulations Tom! You can read the entire article here.

Re:Vision - Roy Rubinfeld, MD Named Leading Medical Clinic of the World

Leading Medical Clinics of the World® (LMCW®) is a Global Healthcare Organization. It searched out the best healthcare providers and professionals in the medical field today from around the world. We are honored to have been named one of these health clinics. Learn more about LMCW in this video here.


Guest Blog: LASIK & Dry Eye

Guest blog by Dr. Hannah Yecheskel of All Eyes On Rockville. Read Dr. Rubinfeld's guest blog about LASIK and vampires (seriously!) on the All Eyes On Rockville blog

Since the beginning of LASIK, subsequent dry eye has been a major post-operative concern. Well guess what. It is no longer……

At the May 2016 annual American Society for Cataract and Refractive Surgery, the medical association of surgeons specializing in cataract and vision correction surgeries, provided updates of several high-profile research studies, including the FDA sponsored PROWL study and Modern LASIK Outcomes: A Review,” conducted by ASCRS president Kerry D. Solomon, M.D., showing consistently high ratings for safety, outcomes and patient satisfaction.


These studies overwhelmingly support LASIK as a safe and effective option for vision correction for those who qualify. Amazingly, these studies show the procedure is more likely to help symptoms of dry eye, glare, starbursts, ghosting and halos than it is to cause them.

The FDA PROWL study was conducted as a prospective, post-market, observational study designed to develop and evaluate a patient reported outcome questionnaire for use post-LASIK. Approximately 574 subjects were enrolled and asked to fill out an online questionnaire before LASIK and 3-months after LASIK.

The “Modern LASIK Outcomes: A Review” updated the work from the LASIK World Literature Review: Quality of Life and Patient Satisfaction published in 2009 by analyzing the impact of advanced treatment profiles in LASIK. In the current work, nearly 4500 clinical study papers on the topic of LASIK were evaluated for relevancy and authority. The final data set included 97 high-quality studies that combined, represented 67,893 procedures.

“Although each take a different investigative approach, these studies provide some of the best data and insights into LASIK, particularly from the patient’s perspective,” said Daniel S. Durrie, M.D. and one of the clinical investigators for the FDA PROWL study. “One of the key findings, from both studies, is with modern equipment, modern techniques and well-selected patients, good surgeons can deliver terrific results with a high degree of safety. LASIK is a great procedure.”

More About Dr. Hannah Yecheskel, Doctor of Optometry

Dr. Hannah Yecheskel

Dr. Hannah Yecheskel

Learn more about Dr. Hannah Yecheskel and her premier practice specializing in advanced eye care & boutique eyewear. Named BEST EYE DOCTOR 2016 by Washington City Paper's Readers Poll, and one of the TOP OPTOMETRISTS in Rockville on Yelp, Dr. Yecheskel and her staff are currently accepting new patients. Dr. Yecheskel sees a lot of patients in the Washington, DC area afflicted with dry eyes. Her practice is based on the principle that each patient deserves the best care and attention to detail. That is why Chilli Amar from 97.1WASHFM Morning Show with Loo and Chilli chose to be her patient. Learn more about Dr. Hannah Yecheskel and her practice, All Eyes On Rockville on her website. And, read a guest blog by Dr. Roy Rubinfeld on the All Eyes On Rockville website.

More About Comprehensive Eye Care:

Did you know that as your eyes begin to mature, a regular exam with your Ophthamologist or Optometrist is very important? Many believe that eye health reflects overall body health. Eye diseases and disorders such as GlaucomaCataracts and Macular Degeneration can all be detected during a routine eye exam with your eye doctor. Early detection and preventative care are very important in optimizing your visual and overall health.

You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Hannah Yecheskel in her Rockville, Maryland offices by calling (301) 984-EYES.


How Long Have People Been Wearing Glasses?

Ever wonder just how long people have been wearing glasses? It turns out that the earliest form of glasses were worn by monks and scholars in the Middle Ages. While the inventor is not known, their origins have been traced back to Italy between 1268 and 1289. It's unclear if the monks and scholars were customers of Warby Parker.


If you want to learn more about the interesting history of glasses, The American Academy of Ophthalmology has a handy timeline on their website, which you can check out here.

Laser Vision Correction and the U.S. Military

Capt. "Mulan" - Dr. Rubinfeld's patient

Capt. "Mulan" - Dr. Rubinfeld's patient

We at Re:Vision - Roy Rubinfeld enjoyed reading this piece about the problems involved with wearing glasses while aboard an F-15 fighter jet and how laser vision correction changed one military member's life. While glasses and contacts are often the first choice for people of all walks of life, they are not always the best or even the safest choice. To me this whole article really speaks to the idea of independence and the potential for improved visual freedom.


Read the article at this link.