Dr. Rubinfeld

Dr. Rubinfeld has been described as one of the foremost experts on advanced keratoconus treatment in the US and worldwide. Previous treatments for keratoconus involved painful surgery or even corneal transplant. However, Dr. Rubinfeld developed a procedure and invented the necessary technology to treat this disease in a non-invasive manner. To date, Dr. Rubinfeld is the named inventor on 22 US and international patents and patent applications for the non-invasive treatment of keratoconus and other related diseases. He has published extensively in medical journals and textbooks and lectures worldwide on these treatments and established and supervised the world’s largest keratoconus research studies.

Keratoconus is a common disease that occurs in approximately 1 in 300 Americans. In this condition, the cornea becomes weak, progressively thinner, and irregular in shape, which can cause high levels of severe astigmatism. Instead of a normal, round shape, the cornea in keratoconus becomes cone shaped, which can interfere with the ability to see clearly and can lead to eventual blindness. Dr. Rubinfeld’s CXL treatments use patented vitamin formulations and light system to strengthen weak corneas to prevent loss of vision without surgery or removal of the cornea’s natural protective “skin” layer. This unique EpiSmart™ “Epi-On” treatment has been shown to prevent vision loss in many groundbreaking scientific publications.

Read the world’s largest published study which looked at 509 eyes treated with EpiSmart™ CXL, and concluded that not one eye showed progressive vision loss after treatment. (Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery, 2018)

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