Dr. Rubinfeld was a laser vision correction patient in 1995 .

Dr. Rubinfeld was a laser vision correction patient in 1995.

Keratoconus is a common disease that occurs in approximately 1 in 375 Americans. In this condition, the cornea becomes weak, progressively thinner, and irregular in shape, which can cause high levels of unusual astigmatism. Instead of a normal, round shape, the cornea in keratoconus becomes cone shaped, which can interfere with the ability to see clearly and can lead to eventual blindness.

Dr. Rubinfeld is considered the foremost expert on advanced keratoconus treatment in the United States and worldwide by many editors of scientific and medical journals. Previously, treatments for keratoconus involved surgery to remove the eye’s protective front layer or even corneal transplant. However, Dr. Rubinfeld developed a procedure and invented the necessary technology to treat the disease in a non-invasive manner. His CXL inventions help stop the thinning process and further loss of vision by strengthening the cornea, making it more stable, holding its shape and focus better. 

To date, Dr. Rubinfeld is the first named inventor on over 20 patents and patent applications for the non-invasive treatment of kerotoconus and other related diseases. 

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Before every laser vision correction procedure Dr. Rubinfeld toasts a shot of carrot juice with his patients.

...if you are interested in the procedure, find a skilled, experienced surgeon. And do your research...I had chosen Dr. Roy Rubinfeld.
— Washingtonian Magazine

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