Guest Blog: An Eye Doctor Gets LASIK

Back in 1999, I was an eye doctor working for Dr. Rubinfeld. Everyday I was witnessing the miracle of LASIK on his patients I would examine for their follow-up visits. I was very nervous about having the procedure done on myself until I went on a camping trip and forgot to pack my glasses. For two days, I suffered burning, dry eyes around the campfire with my contacts. I was wearing single use disposable lenses at the time and I remember throwing them away as I got into the tent each night. I had such an uneasy feeling sleeping outdoors and not being able to see! On Monday morning back at work, I told Dr. Rubinfeld that I was ready to be his next patient!

A couple weeks and a few valium later (yes, I was a big chicken!), I sat up from the surgery and looked across the room to see without glasses for the first time since I was nine years old. As a single mother of two and business owner, I am always on the run. For 15 years, I have enjoyed wonderful distance vision and it has made my busy and active lifestyle much more enjoyable and convenient. I recommend the procedure to many of my patients and I can say first hand that Dr. Rubinfeld is an amazing surgeon!

Dawn D. Gammon, O.D., F.A.A.O.