The Best Gift Ever

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Do you remember what gift you received for the holidays last year? If the memory is vague, don't feel bad. Whether it's Christmas, Hanukkah or your birthday, most people have a hard time recalling even the best presents they opened. This year why not consider a gift that your loved one will never forget - the gift of vision. 

At Re:Vision - Roy Rubinfeld, MD, we believe that your eyes are your most precious possession and what could be more memorable than possibly giving someone the freedom to get rid of their glasses and contacts? While laser vision correction might seem like a long process, in reality the procedure takes about as long as one of your favorite songs (which you can listen to while the procedures takes place, should you wish). 

On the other hand, if your loved ones already have perfect vision and you're the one stuck with glasses or contacts, we highly recommend emailing them a link to this blog. Sometimes the best presents are the ones you give yourself (or coax others into getting for you).

Call, text or email us to learn more about how to arrange this gift at our Rockville, Maryland or Fairfax, Virginia offices today!  (301) 908-8091 or