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Guest Blog: LASIK & Dry Eye

Guest blog by Dr. Hannah Yecheskel of All Eyes On Rockville. Read Dr. Rubinfeld's guest blog about LASIK and vampires (seriously!) on the All Eyes On Rockville blog

Since the beginning of LASIK, subsequent dry eye has been a major post-operative concern. Well guess what. It is no longer……

At the May 2016 annual American Society for Cataract and Refractive Surgery, the medical association of surgeons specializing in cataract and vision correction surgeries, provided updates of several high-profile research studies, including the FDA sponsored PROWL study and Modern LASIK Outcomes: A Review,” conducted by ASCRS president Kerry D. Solomon, M.D., showing consistently high ratings for safety, outcomes and patient satisfaction.


These studies overwhelmingly support LASIK as a safe and effective option for vision correction for those who qualify. Amazingly, these studies show the procedure is more likely to help symptoms of dry eye, glare, starbursts, ghosting and halos than it is to cause them.

The FDA PROWL study was conducted as a prospective, post-market, observational study designed to develop and evaluate a patient reported outcome questionnaire for use post-LASIK. Approximately 574 subjects were enrolled and asked to fill out an online questionnaire before LASIK and 3-months after LASIK.

The “Modern LASIK Outcomes: A Review” updated the work from the LASIK World Literature Review: Quality of Life and Patient Satisfaction published in 2009 by analyzing the impact of advanced treatment profiles in LASIK. In the current work, nearly 4500 clinical study papers on the topic of LASIK were evaluated for relevancy and authority. The final data set included 97 high-quality studies that combined, represented 67,893 procedures.

“Although each take a different investigative approach, these studies provide some of the best data and insights into LASIK, particularly from the patient’s perspective,” said Daniel S. Durrie, M.D. and one of the clinical investigators for the FDA PROWL study. “One of the key findings, from both studies, is with modern equipment, modern techniques and well-selected patients, good surgeons can deliver terrific results with a high degree of safety. LASIK is a great procedure.”

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Dr. Hannah Yecheskel

Dr. Hannah Yecheskel

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