Jennifer Capriati

Vision Enhancements and Sports

Jennifer Capriati's autographed photo she gave to Dr. Rubinfeld after surgery.

Jennifer Capriati's autographed photo she gave to Dr. Rubinfeld after surgery.

Drug testing scandals in so many professional sports remain in the news. More and more, students are taking amphetamine-like drugs to enhance their test performance and grades. These bring to mind the question of what is an unfair competitive advantage or, not to mince words, cheating?


This caused us to wonder if the most advanced vision correction options could be cheating? Many leading professional sports figures who have had vision correction have in fact claimed it enhanced their performance. I have personally performed vision correction on several well-known sports figures. One of them, Jennifer Capriati, credited her improved vision as among the reasons she won three international Grand Slam tennis championships. Imagine, as Jennifer told us, that with every blink, contact lenses can move and your vision fluctuate. With serves over 100 miles per hour, that matters.

We also have had the honor of correcting the vision of many in the military who told us they could not possibly have performed their missions or stayed alive (especially at night) without their vision correction. In careful studies, state of the art custom LASIK has been demonstrated to actually improve night vision and reduce glare compared with how patients saw before with their glasses or contact lenses. So we have to ask the question – with solid evidence pointing toward enhanced performances due to laser correction – is it cheating?