When considering a physician, you want to make sure you see the best. Here are some people that believe Dr. Rubinfeld is just that.

Mia enh.jpg

mia hamm, world cup winner

"You are the best! Thanks for everything!"

Bianca Alexander rev(1).jpg

Bianca Alexander, EMMY Award winning host, conscious living

"Thanks, Dr. Roy! No more glasses!"

Woodruff, Bob ABC Evening News anchor.jpg

bob woodruff, abc news anchor

"Thanks for the eyesight!"

dr. craig venter, molecular biologis, cracked the human dna code

"It's great to see clearly on the open ocean!"

jennifer capriati, grand slam winner

"Dr. Rubinfeld - thanks so much for doing the best on my eyes!"

rachel baker, former ms. jamaica & paxton Baker, former vp and gm, centric

"Not only were the laser surgeries a huge success, but the care, attention to detail, calming our fears, and follow-up were beyond what we could have hoped for."

gov. terrence mcauliffe, current virginia governor and former head of dnc

"Thank you to the greatest eye surgeon in the WORLD!"


"If it weren't for the expertise of Dr. Rubinfeld...I wouldn't have been able to go on this trip to the dusty continent of Africa and see all of the amazing and utterly breathtaking things. I owe my eyesight and much of my daily happiness to him and his team."

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matt gold, baghdad, iraq

"With the surgery, I was able to wear eye protection, instead of eyeglasses on the road in Iraq."


"I had always thought of my vision as an inconvenience - not a matter of life or death. Had the waves hit 30 minutes glasses and contacts would have been swept away and I would have been left virtually blind...that tipped the scale for me in deciding to have LASIK."

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"When it comes to our eyes, you need the best. There is no doctor that I would trust more to take care of my eyes (or my daughter's eyes) than Dr. Rubinfeld.

matt WOLFE, Professional cyclist

"I'm now able to do what I love without hassle and discomfort of contact lenses or glasses. Thank you!"

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Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 6.46.22 PM.png

Capt. Christine “Mulan” Westrich, USMC

"Thanks for the new 'laser' eye! My quality of life is remarkable. All the best to you and your life-changing profession."

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